What is SdSchema

SdSchema is a web application for members to be able to register attendance in advance for activities that are held regularly, usually once a week.
The need exists for activities that require a minimum number of people present for the activity to be carried out, for example square dancing where there must be at least eight people.
The source code is open and available at Github.

How does it work
To connect to a schedule, you first need to register, with email address and password.
The schedule manager can then connect you to one or more schedules.
Once registered, you will, when you log in, be redirected directly to the schedule page , (if you are only connected to one schedule). If you are connected to more than one schedule, you must first select (click on) which schedule you want to access.
Once on the schedule page, you can register your presence at future activity events.
If you are registered as a couple in the schedule, you can register whether zero, one or two people are coming. Otherwise, register Yes or No.
The option "Maybe" is also included to indicate that you want to decide later.
Note that your name on the schedule page is the "Name_in_schema" given to you by the Schedule Administrator, see below.

To create a schedule, you need to be Schedule Administrator. To become that, you must contact the application manager.

As Schedule Administrator you can:
  • create new schedules with name, description and a (default) day of the week and a (default) time
  • connect registered members to your schedules
  • add and remove dates for schedule activities
  • update the comment field for the respective activity date
  • in each schedule register whether the member represents one or two people
  • in each schedule register a "Name_in_schedule" for each member1
  • give limited authority on the schedule to other members who can then add dates, and update comment fields
1) "Name_in_schedule" is the name that will be displayed in the schedule. The schedule administrator gives each member or couple an unique "Name_in_schedule". The default value is the member's first name. If the member is registered as a couple, it will probably be something else. It may not be longer than 12 characters.